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If you walked into a casino with $100K and a 'Pit Boss'  or "Dealer" approached you and said:

"I know there’s lots of tables here that you can play at, but if you come and play at my table here’s what I’ll do... I will guarantee you will not lose ANY of your $100K!  Would you be willing to play at my table?" I'm sure your answer would be  “Of course! ”

“But there are a few simple rules to playing at my table.  First you have to agree to play at least 10 hands with me!  Will you do that?”  “Sure!”

"OK, for doing that I'm going to give you an additional $10K (premium bonus of 10%) on top of your $100K for agreeing to play all 10 hands. And if you lose all 10 hands you are still guaranteed to have $110K at the end!  Will you still play with me?" “ Absolutely!”

The Pit Boss says..."Here are the rest of the rules. You cannot bet all of your money on any one hand, only a portion of it. If you win a hand you keep all your money and all of my money that you've won. If you lose, you get to keep all of your money for the next hand. We do this every hand. BUT if you decide to leave the table early I will take back some of my money.- the extra $10K I gave you (10% or $10k bonus) for agreeing to play 10 hands, and a little of your money for breaking our agreement. The amount will depend on how many hands we play (surrender charge)."

“In addition to this I want you to make a side bet also. For every hand that we play I will guarantee that you win at least $8K on the side bet so that after playing the 10 hands you will have won at least $80K plus the $10K I gave you initially for playing at my table for a total of at least $190K! If you do better than the $8K on any hand on your main bets, on each hand I’ll give you the higher amount to keep for the next hand! You can decide which total you want at the end of the game – the $190K guaranteed or what you've made on the main table, whichever is higher! So, would you like to sit at my table?”

You’d be crazy to say no- wouldn’t you? Let me show you the same offer with the ONLY product in the financial world that can offer you this- Fixed Indexed Annuities with an Income Rider! Don't outlive your money! Plan your retirement with the peace of mind of having annuity income you can never outlive. To find out how this all works and how it may fit into your retirement plans go to the following pages listed in the left column of this page and read the various topics and view the PowerPoint presentations included for you as well. Also click on the Calculators tab at the top of this page to see how this strategy would work with the funds you have available to work with. Compare returns with taxable vs. tax-deferred instruments and also see if a Roth IRA conversion would make sense for you. Be sure to read through the Frequently Asked Questions tab as well. Then contact us to get further details or to get your questions answered directly by us.

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